martes, 15 de octubre de 2013


Some years ago I found out a powerful tool where Students could be able to talk as if they were recording a radio programme. The software gave them the chance to record themselves while participating in a talkgroup where the Teacher is the administrator of the account and therefore who gives the permission to enter the group.

This task is quite interesting if we bear in mind the opportunity learners have in TALKING in ENGLISH on their own, in the darkest and most intimate corner of their bedroom with no one else who can interrupt their quietness when expressing in a foreign language or even feeling the terror of embarrassment in front of the class.

The tool is also practical, since the Students will receive a mark based on their participation. Otherwise, the mark will not be positive since it will show a lack of interest in the subject and more importantly in learning the foreign language.

It has all the ingredients to become a Motivating, Cheerful, and Funny activity in an English class...


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