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The Globe Theater

The article tackles the different reconstructions the Globe Theater has undergone from
its first construction in 1597 until the latest in 1970.

Its history is always attractive to any lover of Shakespeare's work as well as anyone loving
the XVIth century playhouses. Let's then take a look at its several reconstructions:
It was built in 1597 and destroyed by fire in 1611.
Only six years later, in 1617, the playhouse was rebuilt, but unfortunately the Puritan ideals
made the theatre close in 1642. Two years later it was demolished.

It was not until the XXth century that the Globe started to be of interest for some people again. In the
second half of this century, an American actor and director, Sam Wanamaker, founded the Shakespeare's
Globe Trust, whose main objective was the reconstruction of the Globe Theatre in London, as a way to
pay homage to Shakespeare.

The building is based on the form of the very first Globe (1597), although due to current fire safety requirements, several parts of the reconstruction have been taken into consideration. In order to carry out this plan, the discovery of the remains of the original Rose Theatre have been used. Another interesting idea is the lack of spotlights, microphones, speakers or amplification.

Nowadays several plays are performed in the Globe during the summer, usually between May and the first week of October. In winter, the theatre is used for educational purposes.

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  1. Oh, that playhouse home to such talented authors and actors