martes, 25 de diciembre de 2012

The City

London is always similar but different for any traveller. It is almost difficult to find someone who has not been in London or does not want to go and visit the City. In 2006 I made one my lifetime dreams come true: visiting London. That time not only did I even have the chance to do some sightseeng through the city, but I was also witness of one of  Shakespeare's plays (Titus Andronicus) at the Globe Theatre. Enjoyment and culture are more than sure if you travel there.

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  1. Alba martin pedraza :)15 de abril de 2013, 12:26

    I like this entry because I like this city so much. In the future I would like to travel to London because it seems very nice and interesting and
    also to improve my English.

  2. Anabel Martín :)22 de abril de 2013, 9:24

    I love this city. I want travel to London, I think London is a very beautiful city. One day, on TV, I saw people travelling to London to learn English, and I want to learn English. In the fututre, I want to be an English teacher.

  3. Hello Beatriz, this entry about London is very interesting because I would like travel to many cities. I would like to know London very well and visit all its monuments to know its country and its culture. Travelling to an English city could help me to have better English. Near London, in Stratford, we can see Shakespeare's house; it would be very beautiful if I could visit it.
    Sergio Asensio Casadomé 1ºA.