lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014


Last day during the development of one English lesson with my Secondary Students, we came across with a text where the famous “Aunt Annie” type of writing was the focal point. However, the class ended with another cultural aspect which nothing had to do with the main idea that was thought to be worked on: TIPPING.

"Tip"was a common word whose meaning my Learners did not know, leave apart its connotations in the USA. The thing is that, once we bumped into it, I started to explain the way tipping works in the 50-state world. They could not believe their eyes! Their faces and gestures of amazement told it all…

Yes, guys… after explaining them the functioning of tipping in the USA (apart from the price of the item purchased, people have to pay extra money for the service since workers often make a living from tips), they made some comments like: “WHAT?!!! No way!!!!” “I would leave the restaurant without paying any tip” “So, how much money do you have to take to the States?” These are only some of my Students’ comments.

It made me reflect the following:

1. The cultural breach which a geographical element leaves between countries and continents.

2. How much our Learners enjoy real-life experiences from the Teacher since they enrich their cultural background when our educational curriculum has still this grammar-focus.

What do you think?

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