sábado, 20 de septiembre de 2014


Last day while reading an article from a blog, I found out some space dealing with the British National Anthem. The article pin pointed different issues that are almost an institution to our minds but they are not actually as we thought; almost a type of false friend -culturally and historically speaking. The thing is it called my attention now that the "Scottish Neverendum", as some people have called it, is more latent than ever. Why? Because it revolved around the wrong believe that the British "God Save the Queen", so sung by footballers on the field prior to every match, is nothing but a BRITISH NATIONAL ANTHEM, and not an exclusive English ownership. In fact, its lyrics allude to the four nations which comprise the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales). 

Curiously though, all the above mentioned nations have their own national anthem, except for England which does not have any. That may be the reason why English people say "God Save the Queen" is theirs.

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