jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015


Today I'm willing to write and I also feel like you to write. You already know how much I love storytelling because before we learnt how to write centuries ago, people used this technique as a way of communication.

Also, it was a great help for those who were not able to write or read because, before the printing press was introduced  by Caxton in England around the year 1476, just a few people had access to books. They were expensive and, add to this, they were written in Latin which was a language for priviledged minorities.

In order to ease the problem, people were told stories. The oral transmission gave them some access to culture. Here's an extract of one of my favourite films; take a look at the power of storytelling.

Now you all have the chance to tell a story; YOUR STORY. Make your imagination fly and print your words over here so that they go down in history.

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