jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015


There is always somewhere in the world where you find the peace you need in these stressful times we are all living.

For me, that place has the name in CAPITAL LETTERS: LONDON. The shiny and foggy London Town is full of stereotypes and landmarks for many, but to me, it is a lifestyle, a way of life, the spot where I feel I was born.

It's true that, as long as you visit different locations in the Earth, you have that feeling of being at home, but it usually happens to me when I am there and outside there. However, I must confess I have preference for THE UNIQUE PLACE, again in capital letters, a wonderful corner in London bathed by the Thames River and more explicitly located just opposite the white cupula of Saint Paul. Do you guess the place? 
I'm not gonna say its name neither am I gonna add anything else because the pic talks by itself...

Thanks to great enterpreneurs such as Sam Wanamaker- it is a such a coincidence his name: "wanna" "maker"- theater lovers, and especially lovers of Shakespeare's playhouse, have the chance to live in the Renaissance though it is just a few hours...

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