domingo, 10 de mayo de 2015

Of real friendship: my whipper-snapper

Some people may think frienship is a humankind thing. However, what they do not know it is also a matter of animals, too.

Since a child, I have always been an animal lover, especially a cat lover. For fifteen years I shared my life with a Simese female cat who gave me lots of good moments. Yes, readers! I'm not crazy nor wrong when writing "who", since I've always considered her part of my family and a living being full of features humans sometimes lack.

One year ago, a white, smart and tender Turkish cat with double-coloured eyes entered my life. Since then, he has become my best company. I sometimes think he perfectly knows what my mood is in every situation. He loves playing with paper balls, destroying my notes with small bites and sleeping for long hours shaping a beautiful circle with his fluffy body.

Not only is he cute because of his elegant look, but also because he usually pursues me to every corner of the house while slipping through my legs. Moreover, he masters the best welcome with his mellow sounds and purrs when the day has not been as good as you expected despite your "Hoy puede ser un gran día para sonreír" small poster hanging on your entrance door...

Do you now understand the title of the post? I hope you do...

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